Personalized Watch  & Custom Gifting Opportunities

Hartgers recently launched a customized watch program to give corporate companies and organizations the opportunity to create custom timepieces for their valued employees and members. Companies can design their own timepieces with their personal logo or styles to create a truly special gift that can be worn for years. 

Popular Events:

Anniversaries, Charity Events, College Organizations, Corporate Holiday Gifts, Clubs, Retirements, Reunions, Weddings Parties


Here's how it works:

  •  Our custom watches range from $175-$1,500 depending on the complexity of the movement  (quartz vs. automatic). 
  • We can create any millimeter size watch to fit ladies or mens wrist sizes.
  • Our watch cases are steel with a professional polished finish. 
  • We can add a company name or logo to the dial to make a memorable impact on the gift in any dial color.
  • Our watches are placed on a leather or nylon strap in the color of your choice. 
  • Each watch is presented in a leather case for protection and professional presentations. 


For inquiries or to see example models please contact Bri Hartgers at brihartgers@gmail.com

Thank you!